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Kids Story rough draft – Naomi the Knight

Once upon a time, there as a little princess named Naomi. She loved to dance and play with all the other princesses. But they didn’t like playing with her. Naomi wanted to be play tough games and one day  she planned to become a knight. She wanted to wear shiny armor, carry a sword, and save the kingdom from monsters. Naomi told her parents, and they didn’t agree.

“Only boys can be knights,” the king said. “Girls are too weak. Go off and play with your dolls.”

Naomi left with a huff. She would prove to the king that she was strong enough to be a knight. She went searching for a quest. By nightfall, Naomi finally stumbled upon the dragon’s cave.

The old dragon was the scariest monster in the entire kingdom. The mere thought of it would send a grown man running. It had bright red scales and wigs that could block out the sun. Fire would pour from its large mouth. Naomi wasn’t afraid. She marched into the cave.

When the sun came up the next morning, Naomi walked back out of the cave. Behind her she carried the Dragon that terrorized her kingdom. Holding him tight by the ear, she dragged him all the way home. When she reached the kingdom, her parents were waiting for her.

They were shocked by what she brought with her, but glad their daughter was safe.  After releasing the dragon the king gave Naomi what she had always wanted. She was finally a knight

Spring Break

I know it’s a little late but I have to talk about it.

So my dad wanted to go with me on a “Dad and Lad” trip during my senior year. He took my brother skiing when he was a senior, but I don’t ski. I choose to go to New York. We planned the trip for during spring break when I wouldn’t miss school. We left the the Monday morning of spring break and were staying until Thursday night. The first day it was raining and dark. Not the best way to start a vacation, but we made the best of it. Our hotel right off of time square, so we explored the area and even went to the Museum of Modern Art. We didn’t mind ducking in and out of cover as we spent the day admiring our surroundings. By the end of the night, we didn’t no what to do. All our plans were for the next few days. So we saw a movie… Not a classy movie or anything only in New York. We saw The Brothers Grimsby. Yeah. The next day, we hit up another museum. We walked all the way thorough Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We planed to spend a few hours there and then walk the Guggenheim. That didn’t happen. The museum was way too big with too much to see. We spent most of the day in there just walking around the museum. Then we walked back to our hotel. It was hell. We walked along this cobble stone side walk almost the entire way. By the time we got to the hell we plopped down and agreed that we shouldn’t move for a while. However after a few hours, we were feeling better. And even bought tickets for a show. It was this off Broadway play called Straight. It was about this guy who is realizing he’s gay and he has this lover but he doesn’t want to leave his girlfriend. It was actually really good and since it was in such a tiny theater, everything they said seamed more intense. I could tell my dad was uncomfortable but he loosened up. After the show he told me how he was grossed out with the two guys making out, but when they started explaining the more of the science side, he started to be okay with it. The next day became our gayest day there. It started with us taking the subway to the 9/11 Memorial and then the Statue of Liberty. Then we went to Greenwich Village to check out the site of the Stonewall Riots. It was pretty cool to see the statues outside the bar and the rainbows. The real fun started later that night. So since we were in New York, I need to see a NYC drag show. Somehow I got my dad to agree. We went to this bar called Lips for Bitchy Bitch Bingo. It started out with a dinner, then the drag queens performed, then bingo started. It was incredible. Our waitress, Mandiva, was pretty cool she asked what we were celebrating and when I said I was a senior in high school, she said, “Fuck You. I’m getting read to go to my 20 year high school reunion. My friend is afraid of going and I told him, ‘If I can show up with tits and a dick, you can go to.'” She made a comment about how we were just out to see the freaks. I was okay with it because I knew it was just drag queens making fun of themselves and I’m use to that. My dad however wasn’t and was getting uncomfortable. The host of the night, Ginger Snapt, was hilarious. She would go around and read everybody in the front row. There was this older Mexican lady who had a purse inside her purse and Ginger kept talking and laughing about it. She went around and talked to a few different tables before she started to introduce the other queens. One by one they all came out and performed their lip syncs with comedy thrown in by Ginger between each performer. Once the queens all sang, they had people who were celebrating birthdays come on the stage. They gave them cake and took pictures with everyone. They finished bust she made the last person stay on stage as she called a few other people to join her. I was one of those people. We were in a line and she went around and randomly asked a few little questions. Then she told us we were going to have a little contest. We were suppose to walk the stage like a run way and the winner gets a prize. She chose a table of two straight couples as the judges, (My dad and I had the table right next to them). We were ushered off stage so everyone could begin their walk. There were maybe 3 people before me. I new what I was going to do and I studied each person as they walked, making sure they didn’t use my idea. Then it was my tern. My heart was racing, I was so nervous. But when I got on stage, I served it. I got up there and sassed it out. I walked like it was no ones business and even gave a little sex as I made it to the end. Ginger was stricken silent and at the end said I made the drag queen next to her look butch. I had full confidence that I was going to win. I had the best review from the host and the audience. I knew I was going to. I didn’t the judges decide to pick the lady before me who only whipped her hair out of a bun during her walk. I’m still a little salty about that. But I was happy for her anyways. So after that they started Bingo. It was like normal bingo but Ginger and another lady were cracking jokes the whole time. They were having people come up and tell stupid jokes for shots. A few people slowly started leaving and no one was going up with any more jokes. So ginger looked over the audience and saw me. She asked if I had a joke, but I didn’t. She told me to come up and she’ll whisper one into my ear. So I did. I said the dirty joke and since I couldn’t get the shot, she gave me a souvenir cup from the bar. That was the highlight of the trip for me. The next day we went around shopping at different stores and watching the crowds of drunk people celebrating Saint Patricks Day. The plain was delayed for a few hours and we had to walk through the rain to board, but the flight was only an hour or to so not too bad. In all I say it was a great trip, I was just surprised by how my dad and I didn’t argue too much and we were able to go to the place I was most exited to visit. When I got home my nephew was waiting, he was so exited to see us. His little eyes lit up and he had the biggest smile. I can’t wait until I go back when I am older and am able to go to the more adult places I want to without my dad watching my back all the time.

A video of the competition at the drag show. Full video on my Facebook

Boys Suck, part 3

So this literally just happened. All my friends are asleep so might as well blog about it. 

It was a little bit before midnight and I’m still on California time so I’m not tired yet. So I go onto this app, contest of champions, where you are marvel characters and fight others. They have this feature where people can add friends and talk in a global chat. I usually go on there to laugh at the pretend attempt to find a girlfriend and I add the people that tell them to shut up. But as I was watching the messages scroll by I see this guy telling gay guys to add him. So I do thinking “community woohoo.” So added him and he started out by saying hi so I said hey. He said hi again I responded with hey again. This went on for a little while until he told me to stop being so adorable. Being the natural flirt I am I responded by saying I can’t help it. It goes well and he asks me if I want his number. Now this game is completely anonymous. No name, no picture, no info, nothing. So I told him it deepened in how old he was. Now I’m 18 I’m going to jail if a stupid little minor decides to send me something so I’m not going to even give people a chance. He told me he was 13 and how he guessed he was to to young for me. He was abolutly right. I tell him sorry that he is. And he said he knew it. A minute later he said he was going to kill himself. Being a human in general I told him not to. He said how everyone treats him like he’s a little kid. I didn’t mean to treat him that way so I told him it was because I’m so much older then him and he needs to find someone who’s closer to his age. He told me how it wasn’t about me older and how it’s about how the world treats him. What does he expect, he’s 13. So I tell him how if he seriously feels this way then he needs to talk to me and how I can’t help him. Also I told him how if he was joking, it’s not funny. Suicide isn’t something to joke about. He said how he had no one to tell and I told him how sorry I am that I can’t help and he responds with “no shit.” Now I no thing about this kid. I tried to contact a game supervisors or something to tell them and maybe they could do something, but there was no way. So I decided to reports him, at least to get him on their radar. After that I unfriended him. This was probably just some cry for attention and I wasn’t going to be a part of it. I could have been my bitchy self and told him to knock it off. But I tried. It’s not okay for him or anyone else to joke about this. It’s a vary serious thing and it’s not okay. I hope things work out for him, but I’m not getting involved.


Whats wrong with us? As a society we demonize and scrutinize people who are different.  People who can’t control something they are. We are all born differently but as soon as we recognize those differences we start treating them worse then others. We make preconceived judgements about these people that we have never even met and we let those judgments drive are actions. Why? Why do we do such a thing? People are always born different from you, so why is it important that they act exactly like you? You use your religions to justify your own hatred of another person, even though that thing you hate is not under their control. It’s one thing to hate someone for their choices but these aren’t their choices. Gender, skin color, sexuality; things we have no choice over yet we hate others for having a different one then us.

Leelah, Michael, Matthew and countless others have died form our words, from our intolerance. We saw them as different and hated them for it. Their lives lost. Lives of the young and innocent are gone. All the poetical, waisted. The future changed. These children, forgotten. Their names spark fire as it’s said. But weeks later, it’s all forgotten. We have the passion to say, “We’ll never let something this tragic happen agin.” Then we forget it, and history repeats its self. Another tragedy, and then another. Few try to speak up, fight the intolerance. Yet we aren’t willing to change. we recognize the few hundreds that die before their time but we don’t even know of the thousands who’s deaths went unrecorded and unrecognized. It’s up to us to make the change we need. The change society needs.

Boys Suck, Part 2

So I can’t be mad about this one, but I still want to talk about it. So I have have been friends with this guy for a while. We knew each other in middle school but didn’t really become friends until sophomore year. I admit, I had a little crush on him. During the summer while I was out of town, something happened and my friend group stop hanging with him. I don’t know what happened but he didn’t do or say anything bad to me so I don’t know what was happening. In the begging of this year he started hanging out with us again and it was all good. Honestly I don’t know what I liked about him, but it started coming back. It would have just been fine if only I had a crush, but very time he was near me I could swear he was flirting. Like on my birthday he tried to do something special but didn’t have enough time (He worked all day before my party). But he thought of me and that’s all that matters. So I hugged him and … he lingered. I was trying to flirt and I thought it was too long. Or when we exchanged Christmas gifts on new years. I would have made the hug last longer but he was pulling on my wig and I wasn’t having that. But he would talk to me about his ex and how he was lonely and I would tell him about the guy from the first post. One day at school he told me how he kissed this girl he worked with the night before. I was upset, who wouldn’t be. But the next day he told me how she had a boyfriend and was just using him. The thing is, he would only tell me. So I was getting some mixed signals and was really confused. My friends were telling how it might be nothing because he’s so oblivious to everything and that he might not know what he is doing. So I figured I’d wait and let things happen as the happen. But I was so confused. Was he in the closet? Was he bi? Was he just curious? So finally I got tired of waiting and needed to know. So without asking I decided to ask him. I didn’t tell anyone because I knew people would talk me out of it and I needed to know. From the beginning I knew it was always a possibility he would say no but I had to ask. So I asked him out and he responded. He told me how it was “Complicated” because he’s “not gay,” but it’s not complicated at all. I don’t know why, but it hurt. It hurt way more then I expected it to. I remember siting in class trying not to have a break down. By lunch so much had stressed me out that I had to go home before I broke down and did something I regretted. I can’t really be mad at him but it still hurt. Boys suck.

Lost Family

The day before Christmas eve, my mother got a phone call. Apparently one of her aunts has died. It was very unexpected. My whole family was shocked. We have other family members that we thought would go first. My mom went out for the funeral, in California and took my nephew Otto. He had fun seeing everyone and they did a lot of things like celebrating his birthday. However, while they was there, my mom found out her aunt has only two to three weeks left to live. Maybe Six if she was lucky. As they returned home she told my family. Her aunt has had cancer for years and we all  knew they day would come. Because my brother and I were closer to this aunt then the other one, we were offered to go. By brother denied so now it  is just me and my mom going. On Friday we will be flying out to California and coming back on Tuesday. Friday is the day we have our fake funerals and read our eulogies. It’s kind of funny that I’m missing my own funereal to go to another persons.

Boys Suck, part 1

Way back at the begging of first semester, my two girlfriends and I went to this thing called Gay Prom. My one friend just got out of a relationship and I’ve been single forever, so we decided to go. It was at the city museum and it was amazing. This group I was with at the time rented out a ballroom. We could dance there but still had the entire museum to go through. I’ve never been there before, snd barley anime was there yet, so we decided to go exploring. After about an hour we figured more people were in the ballroom dancing. The room was packed. From wall to wall it was lgbt+ people gr bring and bumping. So naturally, we did the same. We danced for hours. My one friend met some girl and we were dancing with them. Eventually our little group mergered with these two girls and their guy friend. We danced and eventually the two girls left to go get some water or something. We kept dancing and the guy kept bumping against me. We were dancing and flirting and it was gong pretty well. Later on the slow dance came. I tried to get in a three way dance with my two friends, but they kicked me out. And so did his. So I asked him to dance. We danced together and he jokingly said “I hate my friends,” and I replied “I like them, they gave me someone to dance with.” So by the end of the night he gives me his number and we said goodbye. I was so happy and exited I couldn’t wait to talk to him again. So the next day I started texting him. I found out he’s a freshman in college and had four jobs. So we talked almost everyday for weeks. He hadn’t started school yet so he was working all the time. I would get home and text him, but he’d always have work. Later though he would always text me back. So eventually I felt it was time to see him in person. So I invited him to one of the Marquette football games. He said he had class until 9. I told him a couple friends and I were chilling at my place if he wasn’t too tired after. He didn’t respond and that fine. But after a while before I realized if I didn’t text him, he wouldn’t text me. So some days I wouldn’t text him and waited to see if he would text me. Maybe a months before homecoming, I asked him to go with me. He didn’t respond. So homecoming passed and I was pissed. So I stopped. If he wanted to be with me, he could step up. But instead this little bitch decided to just not respond. He could at least have the balls to say he didn’t want to be with me. So I gave up on him. I figured I deserved someone who would want to talk to me or at least respond. I deserved better then that asshole, we all do. Guys suck.